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We value our communities by promoting financial success with innovative products and knowledgeable staff. Proudly serving with honesty, integrity, and better than expected service. At Four Corners Community Bank, we’re in your corner.

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Since 2000, Four Corners Community Bank (FCCB) has focused on being a safe, sound, and local bank dedicated to providing better than expected service to the local communities it serves. Headquartered in Farmington, New Mexico, the bank serves San Juan, Montezuma, and La Plata counties with six locations.

Four Corners Community Bank was established in 2000 by President and CEO, Sheila Mathews; Board Chairman, Frank Macaluso; Vice Chairman, Greg Anesi; Board Secretary, Felix Briones; and Board Member, Ed Armstrong. They opened three locations in Farmington over the bank’s first five years. In 2006, the bank expanded outside of Farmington into Aztec. To connect the Four Corners region, the bank crossed the border into Colorado in 2007 and opened its fifth location in downtown Cortez, serving Montezuma County. In 2013, FCCB acquired Citizens State Bank of Cortez. In 2016, the Durango location opened widening the bank’s reach into La Plata County. In 2018, Dr. John McNeill and Paul Thompson replaced Ed Armstrong and Frank Macaluso on the leadership team. In 2022, Dr. McNeill made the difficult decision to move from the Four Corners area and was replaced by long-time La Plata County resident Jay Marqua. Today’s FCCB board of directors now stands ready to lead your local bank into a successful future.

Four Real

Four Corners Community Bank is in your corner!
To us, being local means we grow where we started — the Four Corners.

To us, being local means decisions are made right here. Our board members and leadership team live and work in the Four Corners, meaning our loans, community support, and philanthropic involvement are aligned with the unique needs and cultures of the communities we serve.

To us, being local means your money stays local. When you entrust us as your bank, your money stays here too. This enables us to make loans that fund the projects and people that contribute to our collective wellbeing. It’s why we have a circle in our logo: because your deposits circle back into the community through business and consumer loans, as well as donations and sponsorships for our many local nonprofit organizations.

We would love to welcome you to FCCB… We’re in your corner! To help guide you, we have a Switch Kit to help get you started.

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We value our communities by promoting financial success with innovative products and knowledgeable staff. Proudly serving with honesty, integrity, and better than expected service. At Four Corners Community Bank, we’re in your corner.


  • We are committed to our customers and will strive to understand their individual needs, provide personal attention and financial options, respond promptly, and be available to assist them
  • We value our professional employees and will provide a stimulating environment where career development, rewards, and communication will help them excel
  • We are committed to our shareholders and business partners who will share in the financial success of the bank
  • We value our community and will serve it with integrity, pride, long-term involvement, and support
  • We will work honestly and ethically to achieve and maintain profitability

Board of directors

Organizer, Chairman, Director Greg Anesi and his dog, Malcolm

Greg Anesi
Organizer, chairman, director

Click here for Greg Anesi’s bio

Director Felix Briones, Jr.

Felix Briones, Jr.
Organizer, secretary, director

Click here for Felix Briones’ bio

Director Paul Thomspon

Paul Thompson


Click here for Paul Thompson’s bio


Sheila I. Mathews
President, chief executive officer, organizer, director

Click here for Sheila Mathews’ bio

Charitable giving

FCCB is committed to improving the wellbeing of the communities it serves through dollars and time. Staff are actively involved with numerous organizations and events throughout the Four Corners. The bank also supports groups financially through sponsorships and donations.

  • Requests are limited to non-profit organizations that operate in the markets served by FCCB. Hundreds of requests for donations and sponsorships are received each year; donations are made to causes with the greatest benefit to the community, as well as in compliance with Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) regulations.
  • Requests are limited to support youth financial literacy programs, quality of life initiatives, health and human services for the underprivileged, etc. (No requests will be granted for political purposes.)
  • Requests are limited to organizations, not individuals. Organizations applying for a contribution must be tax exempt and provide a W-9 or tax ID status.
  • Bank contributions are typically between $250-$500; however, exceptions can be made for certain situations and causes.
  • Requests must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the event or donation due date. Due to the number of donation requests received, only approved applicants will be notified by phone or email.

Sponsorship and donation requests

Complete a donation request form, which is available at any branch or can be downloaded below. Please return the donation request form to any FCCB branch, or mail it to:

Four Corners Community Bank

Attn: Marketing Department
500 W. Main Street
Farmington, NM 87401


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